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My name is Amanda (“Amy” for short!) Osborne. I’m a self-described science nerd and can honestly say that a desire to understand the human body has been my driving force in life. For these reasons, I have been interested in fitness and wellness since I can remember. I started working in the fitness industry at age seventeen and have continued to do so in some capacity for all of my adult life. As with most things, the more I learned, the more I realized there was to know; which is how I ended up pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy, a certification in nutrition therapy and numerous other credentials related to fitness and physical therapy.

Because of my inquisitive nature and educational background I value evidence-based information. That means everything I share will have scientific literature to back it – no false information or empty claims here! As not only a practitioner, but also consumer, it seems that a lot of “experts” out there are missing the boat when it comes to big-picture approach to fitness and wellness. My mission is to provide just that: An integrative, evidence-based approach to living your healthiest, most functional life!



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